MBF 5-Week Program


A bonus video where you will be taught how to create your own movement routines according to the MBF system, plus a PDF file where you can write your own movement routines


Access to 5 Movement Routines (one for each week) including:

  • Tutorial videos of the first 4 movement routines explaining in detail all the exercises. The 5th movement routine is a sum of the previous ones, hence there is no tutorial.
  • Videos of the movement routines so you can easily follow along and perform them at home. The first 4 movement routines are 10 minutes each and the last is 20 minutes.
  • PDF files for each of the movement routines showing the order of the exercises and for how long you should do them.
  • Audio (mp3) of the 5 movement routines in case you want to do the movement routines by just following the audio instructions.