MBF 5-Week Program

MBF is a movement approach built on 3 pillars:

  • 1 – Breathing control
  • 2 – Movements on the floor
  • 3 – Different strategies for getting up and lying down on the floor

MBF will be the catalyst to restore the foundations of your movement. You will improve your basic mobility, stability, coordination, balance, cardio and strength all of which will help you in your daily life tasks.

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MBF 5-Week Program – Get your Movement Health back on track.

Movement is one of the secrets of maintaining our physical, mental and emotional health while we age, so we need to work on it.

Why do you need MBF?

And why is now the right time to join our program?

More than ever, physical activity is being recommended for those over 50. Recent research shows that physical decline starts around 50 regardless of gender and other demographics.

With the MBF system you will be able to work your mobility, stability, coordination, balance, cardio and stregth in a very simple and practical way. No need for fancy equipment, just your body and the floor. So don´t wait any longer, the time is NOW.

You will learn how to optimize your breathing.

This will help you to move more and feel better in all aspects of your life.

You will improve your body awareness by reconnecting with the floor.

It will be your springboard for a more active and vibrant life.

Increased performance in your daily life tasks.

By working your basic movement patterns like squatting, lunging or pushing.


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